Windy Days and Woolly Hats

Post by Karen

Windy days used to be my enemy.  When I was a teacher and had to walk across the playground on a windy day and I needed to have one hand on my head to make sure my wig was secure.  Imagine what my life would have been like if a student had seen my wig blow off!

I also love winter walks, all wrapped up with scarf and woolly hat.  After the walk, I’d go to a lovely local pub for lunch and want to strip off my coat, scarf and hat. It must have looked a little strange as I gently eased off my hat, worrying that my wig would come off inside the hat.

Those days are now passed thanks to my Freedom Wig.  I love to go for walks in the wind with my hair blowing freely and no worries about my wig falling off.  If I wear a woolly hat I can just whip it off and my wig stays securely in place, thanks to the brilliant vacuum suction that the wig has.