Do Freedom wigs arrive in a style? Freedom wigs arrive without a particular style.  This allows clients to work with a hairdresser, to realise the potential of their wig.  I work with my clients to pick a base colour (or blend of colours), curl preference (from straight through to heavy curl), length (4”-16”) to help… Read More »

I hear of so many people commenting about how uncomfortable their wigs are when the weather is hot.  With their Vapour Permeable caps, Freedom Wigs are simply not a problem.  I wore my wig in Spain last summer when temperatures were above 30˚C and it was so comfortable.  The photo was taken this past May Day… Read More »

My Story I was 52 when my hair started falling out. At first, I thought I was imagining the extra hair coming out in the shower, but then I noticed that I was having to clean my hairbrush daily. I started to collect the hair that was falling out, and made an appointment with my… Read More »