Freedom Wigs

Freedom Wigs Ltd are based in New Zealand, and are the only wig company that I use – both personally and professionally!

Freedom Wigs Ltd are pioneers in creating quality wigs for people affected by Alopecia. Their silicon caps are designed to seal to your head with a vacuum, instead of any tape or glue. This vacuum seal means that Freedom Wigs remain securely in place, and allow you to enjoy life without fear of your wig coming loose.

Our vision is to help communities who need our prosthetic, live and express themselves with the freedom of choice

The business began in 1977 and was started by husband and wife duo Murray and Averill Barrington. From its beginnings in a spare bedroom, the company has grown to meet the needs of its clients and now employs over 45 people, all experts in creating permeable silicone cap wigs.

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