The Feel

There are two key features to the wigs that I sell – the superior look, and the cutting edge technology of the vacuum-sealed cap.

The Fit

The cap is created by taking a 3D scan of your scalp, which means that the cap fits securely to your head and won’t move out of place or blow off with strong winds.

Because the wig is held in place using a vacuum between the cap and your scalp, there’s no tape or glue required, and so your Freedom Wig is simple to put on and take off.

Designed for Comfort

Each cap is made of medical-grade silicon and is designed to be soft against your skin, as well as being vapour permeable, so that your scalp will not get hot or itchy.

Confidence Boosting

Live confidently in the knowledge that your wig won’t budge unless you want it to. Some of the activities I’ve tried with my Freedom Wigs are:

  • Driving with the top down
  • Swimming underwater
  • Playing on a swing
  • Walking on a windy beach