The Process

Because each Freedom Wig is custom made, ordering yours is a step-by-step process. I don’t believe in hard sales tactics, and work closely with you to ensure that you’re completely happy before, during, and after your wig has been created.

Call me any time for a chat and learn how a Freedom Wig could help you. There’s no obligation to continue after this, but if you’d like to book a formal consultation then we can agree a date.

Consultations can be arranged at your home, at a nearby location, or in my consultation room. These normally take around 2 hours and include a 3D scan of your head. Consultations are free of charge, and you are under no obligation to place an order.

Following the consultation, I will email you a copy of the wig details that we discussed, written up on an order form. There’s no rush on placing an order, so please take your time when making your decision. If you would like to proceed, please carefully check the details on the order form and pay the 50% deposit. Once you have confirmed your order, I will send it with the scan of your head to Freedom Wigs Ltd in New Zealand. From the time of your order being placed, I would expect your final wig to be delivered within 4 to 6 months.

Freedom Wigs will use the 3D scan of your head to create a “fit-cap”, which will be used to check that the wig will properly vacuum seal to your scalp. The “fit-cap” will be sent to you along with a hair sample so that we can make sure that you are satisfied with the fit of the cap. You also have the opportunity to test how the hair sample looks and feels, and try washing and towel-drying it. Once we are completely confident that you’re happy, Freedom Wigs will begin creating your custom wig.

Once your custom wig has been created, I will contact you and ask you to pay the remaining 50% of the price. The wig will be sent to me and I will then send it on to you using a guaranteed 24-hour delivery.

Because Freedom Wigs arrive un-styled, you will need to find a hairdresser who can help you have your wig styled to suit you. If you are based within the UK, you may find a suitable salon at – a charity created by Trevor Sorbie MBE which provides advice and support to independent salons and professionals who offer wig styling services. I can also provide you with advice on styling your wig in a way that looks natural, and how best to care for your wig. I’ll be adding articles about this to my blog – please subscribe to get the latest articles sent to your email inbox!