Jen tells her about her experience of buying a Freedom Wig from Fantastic Hair
In this video Jen shares her experience of a Freedom Wig after she has had it for around 2 years

“I have now been wearing my first Freedom Wig for 6 months after wearing synthetic wigs for 20 years.  To say it has changed my life would be an understatement.  I love the way it looks, the way it feels and the way it moves, but most importantly I love the fact that it stays in place comfortably all day.  All the things I hated about wearing a wig – the fear on windy days, the fear of people sitting behind me, the itching, the tatting, (I could go on) are simply no longer an issue.  These days I positively embrace the wind, I lift my head up and enjoy the feeling of my hair blowing around, something I haven’t felt for twenty years. In fact the loveliest and most abiding sensation for me will always be the glorious feeling of a warm breeze on my neck.  Although not cheap, this hairpiece was worth every single penny and six months on it still looks as good as new.  I only wish I had invested in this sooner!” – AC

Freedom Hair changed my life 7 years ago. Having struggled to stay comfortable & sustain my active lifestyle with other bespoke hair pieces wearing Freedom for the first time was a revelation! It does exactly what it says -gives you your freedom to live you life just as you want. Karen from Fantastic Hair is an amazing agent for Freedom Hair – her personal experience with alopecia & of wearing Freedom Hair means that she totally ‘gets it’! Karen is not only very professional & thorough she is also a lovely kind & compassionate lady who I am lucky to have met” – AN

“Freedom wigs are such a lifesaver for anyone with long term hair loss. They look very natural, and they are so secure you will feel very confident, no matter what you’re doing. My credentials are that I’ve been wearing them for 18 years! Karen is a fantastic agent. She is so knowledgeable & helpful, and keeps you well informed on the progress of your order. She’s also a truly lovely & genuine lady, who having Alopecia herself, completely understands the challenges of the condition and what it’s like to wear a wig. You won’t be disappointed with your Freedom wig or Karen’s service!” -LP

“Fantastic Hair is the perfect name for this company as fantastic is exactly what it is. From start to finish Karen has been accommodating, kind, thoughtful and a true professional. She travelled to me with her head scanner which meant this process was quick and easy and didn’t inconvenience me in any way at all. This is the first time I have used the head scanner and couldn’t recommend it enough. Due to her attention to detail and expertise, this wig is the best fitting piece I have ever had. Throughout the whole process I have been constantly updated and the communication has always been excellent. I would like to thank Karen for being so caring and for going the extra mile, it makes such a huge difference. I cannot recommend Fantastic Hair enough.” – LM

“I absolutely love my new hairpiece. The hair looks fabulous and the fit is amazing. I am really grateful I found Karen and Freedom Hair. She was so kind and professional during the whole process. She clearly knows her stuff and cares about every detail. I will definitely buy from her again. Thank you for the wonderful service” – BE

“Karen at Fantastic Hair has been amazing and so polite and friendly. I had a long and informal consultation during which I felt cared for and relaxed. Karen is a perfectionist and totally professional. She is passionate about the product and made so much effort to get things right, the attention to detail was outstanding. She offers a head scan rather than a plaster cast.” – KI