The Look

The wigs I sell are custom-made by Freedom Wigs in New Zealand, and are made using untreated human hair, and so can be styled as you would your own hair. Our hairpieces look and feel authentic, meaning you can enjoy anonymity from Alopecia; no-one will know you’re wearing a wig unless you choose to tell them.

Because each hairpiece is tailored specifically to its wearer, you are able to design your ideal wig! You can choose from the following features:

Match your original colour, or choose from 17 colours, which can be mixed to create any shade you desire

8 options from Straight to Heavy Curl

Any length up to 16 inches, depending on colour choice

Extra Light, Light, Light/Medium, Medium

Left, centre, right

Left, centre, right

6 tones to choose from

The hair is implanted with the lift and density to help create the look you want

Grey hair can be added at varying percentages in any part of the wig, e.g.; front, temples, sides

Wig Examples

Below are some images of wigs that have been created for my clients: